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Monday, August 5, 2013

Our one plum tree is dripping with fruit, so tomorrow will be an all out "plum-picking day"!.....I have everything ready for an afternoon of jam making! am very excited to preserve some of these beauties,.... so that glorious plum sweetness can be enjoyed in the winter months!

Now onto the zucchini....I have three plants, but of course that translates into zillions of zucchini!....The blossoms are just so amazing right now, along with a few small zucchini nestled in among those amazing yellow blooms!

And of course & possibly my favorite little crop, "basil"!.....It has grown from these straggly little plants into robust, fluffy knee-hi plants that are blemish free & just begging to be transformed into delectable "pesto"!....I use pesto in so many dishes,.... that I live for this time of year, when it is growing faster than you can possibly keep up with!
It is so true that growing your own small garden can give you an entirely different perspective....on healthy eating, growing organic & how it can simply enrich your soul to walk through, & spend the morning in a garden.
Go get your hands dirty!



Kathleen Grace August 9, 2013 at 7:49 AM  

We have a few little raised garden beds and I always devote one of them to basil. In fact, making a batch of pesto is high on my list of priorities today:>)

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